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Welcome to Triebrary web service documentation. Whether you are new to Triebrary or an advanced user, you can find useful information about the services ranging from introductions to advanced features.

If you are interested in subscribing to TRIEBRARY services, keep reading.

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To learn how you can get started with Triebrary, see Getting started with Triebrary. If you are interested in learning more about our advanced functions, see other sections

Getting started with Triebrary Test your connectivity
Getting started with Triebrary Test Client Information
WSDL Descriptions
URL Address and Connectivity

XML Specifications Account setup and activation
Tax Schema Setup your webservice account
Property Appraiser Schema
Official Records Schema
Traffic Citation Schema

Clerk E-Certify Integration
Getting started with Clerk E-Certify Integration

URL Address and Connectivity

In order to access triebrary gateway, you need to have a valid subscriber account. your account includes a unique subscriber code as well as an authorization token. Each request must include your subscriber id and the authorization token. Following section details accessing tax info web service from test environment.

End Points
TRIEBRARY URL https://secure.triedata.com
RESTFul End Point https://secure.triedata.com/ssl
SOAP End Point https://secure.triedata.com/soap
RestFul service syntax https://UrlAddress/ServiceName/SubscriberCode/UniqueToken/PublisherFIPSCode/OptionalParameters
UrlAddress https://secure.triedata.com
ServiceName Name of the web service being invoked
SubscriberCode Unique subscriber code for your account
UniqueToken Your private security token
PublisherFIPSCode Unique FIPS Code associated with the publisher
Optional Parameters Optional parameters associated with this service
Tax Information request from test county https://secure.triedata.com/ssl/GetTaxInfo/subscribercode/Token/99999/0000100000
RestFul URL Address https://secure.triedata.com/ssl
Service Name GetTaxInfo
Unique Subscriber Code Your TRIEBRARY Subscriber Code
Unique subscriber Token Your unique token
FIPS Code of Test County 99999
Parcel ID of the property 0000100000

Test Client Information

If you are a developer and wants to test connectivity with us, you can do so by following the instructions below. You need to have a valid subscriber account with us before you can test all transactions. All test transactions are free and allows you to test connectivity and build your own XSD classes for consuming real services. The following services are offered on the test system.

List of Test Services
GetORBasicInfoByName Retrieve basic OR information by name
GetORBasicInfoByLegalDescription Retrieve basic OR information by legal description
GetMortgageByName Retrieve mortgage information by name
GetLienByName Retrieve lien information by name
GetORByBookPage Retrieve OR information by book and page
GetORByReferenceNo Retrieve OR information by reference no (Instrument no)
GetTaxInfo Retrieve tax information by parcel id
GetCourtImageNameByDocketID Retrieve court image by docket ID
GetDocketsByCase Retrieve dockets associated with a case number
GetCaseInfoByCaseID Retrieve case information associated with a case number
GetCertifiedCourtImageByDocketID Retrieve certified court document