TRIEBRARY electronic data bridge connects public data publishers such as Clerk of Courts, Tax Collectors and Property Appraisers with Banks, Title companies, Attorney firms and subscribers through enterprise web services.

We support RESTful, SOAP and JSON protocols for users to access public data straight into their application through simple web service calls. We maintain the data in partnerships with our data providers and provide a uniform gateway to our subscribers. Our data includes county tax records, Official records such as mortgage data, liens, orders, judgements and more. Click here to see our web services Triebrary Web services.

Triebrary is hosted on a cloud platform and offered as a software service to subscribers (SaaS). There is no need to install any software on your computer to access Triebrary. You can directly access Triebrary web services directly from any computer connected to the internet. The system is built with scalable, secure and redundant hardware platform enabling unparalelled performance.

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County tax web services What is Triebrary Web Services
Triebrary Web Services are a cloud based electronic communication mechanism between two elecronic devices over the world wide web. Our services are hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and is accessible from most electronic devices including smart phones, IPad, computers and any device capable of utilizing world wide web. We compile data from our data providers and provide a uniform gateway to access them for the subscribers.
County Lien web services How do I access Triebrary web services
Triebrary is a subscription based service offered for general consumption. Triebrary web services are available in RESTful protocol, SOAP, and JSON. All you need to access Triebrary is to create an account, review available data set, use our programming guidelines to create a test environment and develop your connectivity with us
County Lien web services What do I need in order to use Triebrary
You can consume Triebrary web services directly from Excel, any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome - it does not matter), java, application and/or pretty much anything that can consume a web service. It is as simple as that. See examples below...