Our inspiration

It all started with a simple question: Why does it cost so much to close a mortgage?

Whether you are refinancing or applying for a new mortgage, typical costs can range anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 per loan!

WOW! This is so high! We felt….

Our curiosity got the better of us and we started to dig further. We realized that a substantial portion of this cost is related to the searches at the county office to make sure that the investment is protected. There are fees for everything from tax escrow, owner search, lien search and pretty much everything else. We understand the need, but why at this high cost?

The banks rely on third parties who in turn rely on bulk data providers, who actually provide offline repository of data to search and produce, required information. Though most counties have a web site, it is often a daunting task to search across 3000+ counties in the nation, across diverse software platforms and extensive manual processes are needed to extract information.

If information is not available, it often requires a lengthy phone call to the county offices.

There has to be a quicker and cost effective way to access real-time data!

Our Idea
Our Idea

We came up with the idea to build an electronic bridge that will connect the counties directly with the institutions through SOAP/XML based web services. A solution that will provide uniform, consistent and real-time information across all 3000+ counties in the nation at a fraction of current cost.

Secondly, instead of relying on old stale data, heterogeneous platforms and 3000+ counties, we thought of using a uniform gateway to access the data.

A system which provides a uniform gateway to access vital land records at a fraction of current cost. Local governments can utilize this gateway not only for publishing real time data to external partners, but also utilize it as an internal gateway between different departments including clerk of courts, tax collector and property appraiser.

As vital as improving the efficiency of land records process is, we envisioned this system offering a perpetual revenue stream for all participating counties across the nation. A system which will provide a uniform back-bone for land records across all Counties.

Our Idea
Our Technology

Our idea turned into TRIEBRARY electronic data bridge©, a software solution hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and offered as a service (SaaS). We built it with open standards so that any publisher and subscriber can integrate the system easily. We have partnered with Microsoft Corporation to provide a state-of-the-art system capable of providing enterprise connectivity between publishers and their subscribers.

Our Idea
Our Solution

TRIEBRARY electronic data bridge© offers a uniform information gateway across multitude of counties. Subscribers can inquire information such as…

  • How much is the tax due for a given parcel ID?
  • Who is the owner of a property in property records?
  • Are there any open mortgages for a given borrower?
  • Are there any liens against a property?
  • What is the parcel ID for a property?
  • And much more...

Every search is secured using https encryption offering advanced security measures and is protected from eavesdropping.

Instead of accessing multiple web sites, or offline data provided by third parties, subscribers can access real-time data directly from their own software platform.

How much is it worth? Well, our customers believe this is the most revolutionary approach to solve a complex issue through technology. Counties expect overall call volume to drop significantly and realize significant revenue from the service. Institutions expect to cut down hundreds of dollars per loan origination and/or servicing.

Our Clients think this is a win-win for everyone!!!