Getting started

TRIEBRARY electronic bridge provides Real-time live access to County information as a subscription based service. Once you create an account with us, you can access the services offered by each County and us. We offer real-time access to official records, tax records, property appraiser information, criminal case records, traffic case records and others.

Here are the steps for accessing the services.

Create an Account Create an account
A subscriber account allows you to access information across multiple counties and agencies
Login to your account Login to your account
Once we validate your subscription request, we will send you an email confirmation with log in details. You can use the credentials to log into your account. Whether you are a publisher or a subscriber, you can view your account here. Your account will show your account balance, subscriptions, transactions, payment history and more...
County tax web services Agree to the terms of each participating publisher
You need to agree to the publishing terms of each of the participating agency before you can access the information. Once you create an account and login to your account, you can view the list of publishers
XML Web Services Subscribe to transactions
Last step is to subscribe to individual transactions. You can select each transaction, review the publisher list and subscriber to each transaction.
Pay a subscription fee Pay subscription fee
TRIEBRARY is a pre-paid subscription based service. You need to have sufficient funds available in your account before you can access transactions. TRIEBRARY offers "free" as well as "fee based" transactions.
County Lien web services Access web services
Learn about what you need in order to access the web services.
County Lien web services Access web services
Learn about consuming our Webservice from EXCEL 2013