The increasing use of text messages and e-mail has made it possible to continuously be in touch -- no matter where you are in the country. Would you like to be notified when a new instrument is recorded in your Clients name?. Are you concerned if a tax lien or a judgement is recorded against your Client in County recorders office?

We have the right solution for you. TRIESHIELD, our electronic notification system will alert you when we find a new recording matching your name. You can monitor as many name(s) as you like for a small monthly fee plus a per match fee.

Here are the steps for configuring your service.

Create an Account Create an account in TRIEBRARY
Setting up a subscriber account is the first step. Contact us and let us setup an account free of charge for you. You will be assigned a user name and a password for you to log into your account. Contact us here and let us create an account for you. (If you already have a subscription account in TRIEBRARY, you can skip this step)
Login to your account Login to your account
You will receive your login credentials by email from us. You can use the credentials to log into your account. Your account will show your funding status, transactions and publisher list.
TRIESHIELD Enable electronic notification service
Go to your account, and enable electronic notification service by clicking on the "Enable" electronic notification link. You will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions of the service.
XML Web Services Manage your notification list
You can add or delete a person's name or business name on the list. You may select whether you would like to be notified if we find a match similar to the name you have entered as well. (Note: You will be charged a match fee for any similar match found)
Test configuration How does the system work
The system will monitor your name(s) and check County official records system at periodic intervals (Typically on an hourly basis). If it finds a match, then it will retrieve detailed information on the match by invoking Official Records detail by instrument transaction followed by Download Image transaction. Both of these transactions will be invoked with your subscription ID, thus providing you with complete traceability on your billing statement. Detailed information together with the image will be send to you as an email.
Pay a subscription fee How much will it cost for the electronic notification system?
We assess a monthly fee as well as a per match fee for monitoring your items. You can monitor as many names(s) as you like. Per match fee is the sum of fees of two transactions namely Official Records detail by instrument transaction and Download Image transaction. The charges may vary by agency. click here to review current agency fees.

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