Web service listing

Welcome to our Web service listing. We offer county public record information through SOAP/XML based web services. Our information includes county tax roll, property appraiser data and official records. You can also post tax payment information, changes in tax escrow code to the county through our web services.

With simple web services, users can combine data from property appraiser with tax and official records to identify comprehensive information about property ownerships, liens and tax information .

We aggregate information from all participating counties into an easy and simple common format. Check out the links for more information on various categories of information offered by us.

County tax web services Tax web services
Tax web services provide information on Owner, Property address, tax due, tax balance and parcel id.
County Lien web services Property appraiser web services
Property appraiser data includes owner information, proerty information, parcel information and legal description. You can use parcel id from the appraiser record to pull tax information for each property in a county including taxes due and outstanding taxes.
County Lien web services Official Record(Clerk of court) web services
The information includes official record documents, grantor/grantee documents and historical information. The data includes information about mortgages, deeds, liens and all other types of recorded document types. You can use this information to learn about the mortgages and liens associated with a property.
County Lien web services Traffic Citation web services
The information includes traffic citations info, driver information, violation codes, arresting officer information, and associated penalties.